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In 1951, the Dominican pforesional baseball league held its first official tournament as a league, making the "La Normal" Stadium its stage and having the traditional teams Tigres del Licey, Leones del Escogido, Aguilas Cibaeñas and Estrellas Orientales as protagonists.


Until 1954 the tournaments were held in summer, passing in the 1955-56 season to be played in winter, taking advantage of the cessation of the professional baseball seasons in the United States and formally establishing the "Dominican Winter Baseball League LIDOM".


Since then the league has produced statistical information that accumulates to this day data from more than 60 tournaments and 6,000+ players, data that has remained in dusty archives for many years, until the departure of in 2014.


Keeping statistical monitoring of the winter tournament, goes on the air seeking to provide something different, with dynamically updated statistical data and with splits and information never before available to the public who enjoys baseball and its numerical part.


With the great effort of a multidisciplinary team, the historical data site goes live with total and detailed information by player of each and every one of the LIDOM tournaments from 1951 to date. Providing this information free of charge to the public from 2014 to 2019, when the service was switched to the annual subscription modality, for the modest amount of US $ 14.99 for access to the complete database.


In 2020 history gave way to, a site with the highest standards that facilitates the analysis and understanding of the history of the league, with much more information and flexibility of access.


This information is the product of a purification of more than 6 years of the official data, making adjustments in formulas, correct coding of players, eliminating duplications and finally, filing different asperities that this information has loaded since its inception, and that is still used today. perceived in the official data published by LIDOM.



Foundation: October 8, 2014 on Apr 17, 2015 in September 2020

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Creation, administration and content:

Ruben Sanchez


Original web site design:

Ariel Alfonso Urbáez


PHP programming from

Frank Sierra


FIREBASE programming from

Ivan Pinzón


Initial logo design:

Aneudys González


Current logo design:

Antonio Asán Silva


Quality controls, advice and data testing:

Huáscar Beltré, Jonathan Tiburcio, Tomas Manuel Troncoso, José Luis Mendoza, Antonio Porqueán.


They have contributed by providing data:

Tony Piña Cámpora, Kevin Cabral, Alexander Gómez, Rubén Andújar, Roosevelt Comarazamy, Luichy Sánchez, Osvaldo Rodríguez Suncar, Mario Emilio Guerrero.

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